concerts i've been to

since moving to glasgow in 2023. i don't get to do this as much as i'd like, so each one is special to me.

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upcoming: godspeed you! black emperor (sep)

25/05/24 - andy the doorbum + iona zajac

20/05/24 - Друга Ріка

image of the ukranian band druga rika on stage surrounded by red lighting

18/03/24 - mass of the fermenting dregs

also no windows

image of a band on stage with blueish purple lighting

19/10/23 - alaskalaska

also eyes of others

image of 3 figures standing holding instruments on a stage lit with bright red. there's another figure in the foreground, seen form behind

26/08/23 - the mannas

also two other bands i can't find the names of...

3 figures with instruments are clearly seen on stage, in front of a large sign reading 'king tut's' referencing the venue. there is a fourth figure playing drums, obscured by the others. sorry bro