on saturday (the 12th) we went to edinbourgh with some friends to see things during the fringe. my bf has been before, but i've only ever travelled through edinbourgh and have never seen it. wow the city is busy right now!

the best thing about this festival is the existence of pbh's free fringe which has hundreds of shows going on with free entry. so far we've been to 9 shows, and only 2 had paid tickets. if you love art and have little money (the venn diagram for those 2 things isn't pretty) then this is so. good.

on saturday we saw these -

we went back on monday and ended up staying with my bf's brother, meaning we went to sleep after 7am and woke up at 1130 to make sure we had enough time to get up and ready for our first show of the day, but that's getting ahead of myself.

on monday (the 14th) we saw:

on tuesday (15th) we didn't do as much, but we did see stewart lee!!!! who is probably my favourite comedian (i know, hold your applause) so getting to see him live made me extremely happy. he's one of the small handful of british comedians i know can make jokes involving trans people in a positive way. he said he wouldn't do his closing joke if anybody was making noise in the aisle when he started it, and somebody was, so he didn't. just left. thanks random lady

also: social anxiety is horrible!!! after every time i go out, i get terrified about 90 things i might have worded poorly or times i spoke too much or something else. why does my brain do this to me! have you ever met someone in the toilets and been horrendously awkward because you almost try to do small talk (already horrible) but then realise you're in the toilet so you just leave and it's the worst ever thing?? please????

and all that would be why i've not made an update here in a week. we might be going back tomorrow (depends on money...) but after that i need to put serious effort into finding a job, so i'll probably be coding and stuff whenever i can to take my mind off of it.

i might add photos to this later idk